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Physics  1994 

The averaged null energy condition and difference inequalities in quantum field theory

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.51.5797

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Recently, Larry Ford and Tom Roman have discovered that in a flat cylindrical space, although the stress-energy tensor itself fails to satisfy the averaged null energy condition (ANEC) along the (non-achronal) null geodesics, when the ``Casimir-vacuum" contribution is subtracted from the stress-energy the resulting tensor does satisfy the ANEC inequality. Ford and Roman name this class of constraints on the quantum stress-energy tensor ``difference inequalities." Here I give a proof of the difference inequality for a minimally coupled massless scalar field in an arbitrary two-dimensional spacetime, using the same techniques as those we relied on to prove ANEC in an earlier paper with Robert Wald. I begin with an overview of averaged energy conditions in quantum field theory.


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