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Physics  1995 

Dependence of Inflationary Reconstruction upon Cosmological Parameters

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.53.6822

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The inflationary potential and its derivatives determine the spectrum of scalar and tensor metric perturbations that arise from quantum fluctuations during inflation. The CBR anisotropy offers a promising means of determining the spectra of metric perturbations and thereby a means of constraining the inflationary potential. The relation between the metric perturbations and CBR anisotropy depends upon cosmological parameters -- most notably the possibility of a cosmological constant. Motivated by some observational evidence for a cosmological constant (large-scale structure, cluster-baryon fraction, measurements of the Hubble constant and age of the Universe) we derive the reconstruction equations and consistency relation to second order in the presence of a cosmological constant. We also clarify previous notation and discuss alternative schemes for reconstruction.


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