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Physics  2007 

A generalization of Snoek's law to ferromagnetic films and composites

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.77.104440

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The present paper establishes characteristics of the relative magnetic permeability spectrum $\mu$(f) of magnetic materials at microwave frequencies. The integral of the imaginary part of $\mu$(f) multiplied with the frequency f gives remarkable properties. A generalisation of Snoek's law consists in this quantity being bounded by the square of the saturation magnetization multiplied with a constant. While previous results have been obtained in the case of non-conductive materials, this work is a generalization to ferromagnetic materials and ferromagnetic-based composites with significant skin effect. The influence of truncating the summation to finite upper frequencies is investigated, and estimates associated to the finite summation are provided. It is established that, in practice, the integral does not depend on the damping model under consideration. Numerical experiments are performed in the exactly solvable case of ferromagnetic thin films with uniform magnetization, and these numerical experiments are found to confirm our theoretical results. Microwave permeability measurements on soft amorphous films are reported. The relation between the integral and the saturation magnetization is verified experimentally, and some practical applications of the theoretical results are introduced. The integral can be used to determine the average magnetization orientation in materials with complex configurations of the magnetization, and furthermore to demonstrate the accuracy of microwave measurement systems. For certain applications, such as electromagnetic compatibility or radar absorbing materials, the relations established herein provide useful indications for the design of efficient materials, and simple figures of merit to compare the properties measured on various materials.


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