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Physics  1995 


DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.52.6530

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We perform an exhaustive analysis of the Equivalence Theorem both in the minimal Standard Model and in an Effective Electroweak Chiral Lagrangian up to ${\cal O}(p^4)$. We have considered the leading corrections to the usual prescription consisting in just replacing longitudinally polarized $W$ or $Z$ by the corresponding Goldstone bosons. The corrections appear through an overall constant multiplying the Goldstone boson amplitude as well as through additional diagrams. By including them we can extend the domain of applicability of the Equivalence Theorem, making it suitable for precision tests of the symmetry breaking sector of the Standard Model. The on-shell scheme has been used throughout. When considering the Equivalence Theorem in an Effective Chiral lagrangian we analyze its domain of applicability, as well as several side issues concerning gauge fixing, Ward identities, on-shell scheme and matching conditions in the effective theory. We have analyzed in detail the processes $W^+ W^- \to W^+W^-$ and $W^+W^+\to W^+W^+$ to illustrate the points made.


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