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The Oxidative Function of Diferric Transferrin

DOI: 10.1155/2012/592806

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There is evidence for an unexpected role of diferric transferrin as a terminal oxidase for the transplasma membrane oxidation of cytosolic NADH. In the original studies which showed the reduction of iron in transferrin by the plasma membranes NADH oxidase, the possible role of the reduction on iron uptake was emphasized. The rapid reoxidation of transferrin iron under aerobic conditions precludes a role for surface reduction at neutral pH for release of iron for uptake at the plasma membrane. The stimulation of cytosolic NADH oxidation by diferric transferrin indicates that the transferrin can act as a terminal oxidase for the transplasma membrane NADH oxidase or can bind to a site which activates the oxidase. Since plasma membrane NADH oxidases clearly play a role in cell signaling, the relation of ferric transferrin stimulation of NADH oxidase to cell control should be considered, especially in relation to the growth promotion by transferrin not related to iron uptake. The oxidase can also contribute to control of cytosolic NAD concentration, and thereby can activate sirtuins for control of ageing and growth.


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