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Physics  1994 

Phase Diagram of QCD at Finite Temperatures with Wilson Fermions

DOI: 10.1016/0920-5632(95)00191-B

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Phase diagram of QCD with Wilson fermions for various numbers of flavors $N_F$ is discussed. Our simulations mainly performed on a lattice with the temporal size $N_t =4$ indicate the following: The chiral phase transition is of first order when $3 \le N_F \le 6$, while it is continuous when $N_F=2$. For the realistic case of massless u and d quarks and the strange quark with $m_q = 150$ MeV, the phase transition is first order. The sharp transition in the intermediate mass region for $N_F=2$ at $N_t=4$ observed by the MILC group disappears when an RG improvement is made for the pure gauge action.


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