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Physics  2007 

Ab initio estimate of temperature dependence of electrical conductivity in a model amorphous material: hydrogenated amorphous silicon

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.76.045212

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We present an ab initio calculation of the DC conductivity of amorphous silicon and hydrogenated amorphous silicon. The Kubo-Greenwood formula is used to obtain the DC conductivity, by thermal averaging over extended dynamical simulation. Its application to disordered solids is discussed. The conductivity is computed for a wide range of temperatures and doping is explored in a naive way by shifting the Fermi level. We observed the Meyer-Neldel rule for the electrical conductivity with E_MNR = 0.06 eV and a temperature coefficient of resistance, TCR ~ -2.0% K^-1 for a-Si:H. In general, experimental trends are reproduced by these calculations, and this suggests the possible utility of the approach for modeling carrier transport in other disordered systems.


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