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Physics  2007 

Raman frequency shift in oxygen functionalized carbon nanotubes

DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/18/46/465706

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In terms of lattice dynamics theory, we study the vibrational properties of the oxygen-functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes (O-SWCNs). Due to the C-O and O-O interactions, many degenerate phonon modes are split and even some new phonon modes are obtained, different from the bare SWCNs. A distinct Raman shift is found in both the radial breathing mode and G modes, depending not only on the tube diameter and chirality but also on oxygen coverage and adsorption configurations. With the oxygen coverage increasing, interesting, a nonmonotonic up- and down-shift is observed in G modes, which is contributed to the competition between the bond expansion and contraction, there coexisting in the functionalized carbon nanotube.


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