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Physics  2004 

Perturbation Analysis of Superconductivity in the Trellis-Lattice Hubbard Model

DOI: 10.1143/JPSJ.73.2822

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We investigate pairing symmetry and transition temperature in the trellis-lattice Hubbard model. We solve the \'Eliashberg equation using the third-order perturbation theory with respect to the on-site repulsion $U$. We find that a spin-singlet state is very stable in a wide range of parameters. On the other hand, when the electron number density is shifted from the half-filled state and the band gap between two bands is small, a spin-triplet superconductivity is expected. Finally, we discuss a possibility of unconventional superconductivity and pairing symmetry in Sr$_{14-x}$Ca$_x$Cu$_{24}$O$_{41}$.


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