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Physics  2009 

Coarse graining dynamical triangulations: a new scheme

DOI: 10.1088/0264-9381/26/17/175019

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A new procedure for coarse-graining dynamical triangulations is presented. The procedure provides a meaning for the relevant value of observables when "probing at large scales", e.g. the average scalar curvature. The scheme may also be useful as a starting point for a new type of renormalisation procedure, suitable for dynamically triangulated quantum gravity. Random Delaunay triangulations have previously been used to produce discretisations of continuous Euclidean manifolds, and the coarse-graining scheme is an extension of this idea, using random simplicial complexes produced from a dynamical triangulation. In order for a coarse-graining process to be useful, it should preserve the properties of the original dynamical triangulation that are relevant when probing at large scales. Some general discussion of this point is given, along with some arguments in favour of the proposed scheme.


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