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Physics  2009 

Incoherent "Slow and Fast Light"

DOI: 10.1364/OE.17.022154

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We show experimentally that the effects of "slow and fast light" that are considered to be caused by spectral hole-burning under conditions of coherent population oscillations (CPO) can be universally observed with incoherent light fields on objects with the pure-intensity nonlinearity, when such an interpretation is inapplicable. As a light source, we used an incandescent lamp and as objects for study, a photochromic glass and a thermochromic coating. The response of the objects to intensity modulation of the incident light reproduced in all details the commonly accepted experimental evidences of the "light with a negative group velocity" and "ultraslow light". We come to conclusion that so far there are no experimental works providing evidence for real observation of the "CPO-based slow or fast light".


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