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Physics  2010 

Polaron and bipolaron transport in a charge segregated state of doped strongly correlated 2D semiconductor

DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.83.125308

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The 2D lattice gas model with competing short and long range interactions is appliedused for calculation of the incoherent charge transport in the classical strongly-correlated charge segregated polaronic state. We show, by means of Monte-Carlo simulations, that at high temperature the transport is dominated by hopping of the dissociated correlated polarons, where with thetheir mobility is inversely proportional to the temperature. At the temperatures below the clustering transition temperature the bipolaron transport becomes dominant. The energy barrier for the bipolaron hopping is determined by the Coulomb effects and is found to be lower than the barrier for the single-polaron hopping. This leads to drastically different temperature dependencies of mobilities for polarons and bipolarons at low temperatures.


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