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Physics  1996 

Boson-fermion model beyond mean-field approximation

DOI: 10.1088/0953-8984/8/37/014

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A model of hybridized bosons and fermions is studied beyond the mean field approximation. The divergent boson self-energy at zero temperature makes the Cooper pairing of fermions impossible.The frequency and momentum dependence of the self- energy and the condensation temperature $T_{c}$ of initially localized bosons are calculated analytically. The value of the boson condensation temperature $T_{c}$ is below $1K$ which rules out the boson-fermion model with the initially localized bosons as a phenomenological explanation of high-temperature superconductivity. The intra-cell density-density fermion-boson interaction dominates in the fermion self-energy. The model represents a normal metal with strongly damped bosonic excitations. The latter play the role of normal impurities.


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