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Physics  1993 

Instanton and Spectral Flow in Topological Conformal Field Theories

DOI: 10.1016/0550-3213(93)90564-6

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A class of two-dimensional topological conformal field theories (TCFTs) is studied within the framework of gauged WZW models in order to gain some insights on the global geometrical nature of TCFTs. The BRST quantizations of topological G/H gauged WZW models (the twisted versions of SUSY gauged WZW models) are given under fixed back-ground gauge fields. The BRST-cohomology of the system is investigated and the correlation functions among these physical observables are considered under the instanton back-grounds. As a consequence, two-dimensional BF gauge theoretical aspects of TCFTs are revealed. Especially it is shown that two correlation functions under the different instanton back-grounds can change to each other. This process of transmutation is described by the spectral flow. The flow is formulated as a "singular" gauge transformation which creates an appropriate back-ground charge on the physical vacuum of the system. The field identification problem of the system is also discussed from the above point of view.


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