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Physics  2009 

Results from the Borexino Experiment

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Borexino is a low threshold liquid-scintillator detector for solar neutrinos located in the LNGS underground laboratory, Italy. Because of the ultra-high radio purity it is the first experiment able to do a real time analysis of the low energetic solar neutrinos. A detection of the solar 7Be neutrinos with a rate of 47+-7 counts/day/100tons can be reported (192 days of live time measurement). 8B neutrinos are observed with a rate of 0.26+-0.06 counts/day/100tons after 246 live days. All detected neutrino fluxes agree with the SSM predictions in case of the MSW-LMA oscillation solution. Borexino is the first experiment with the ablility to simultaneously measure solar neutrino oscillation in the vacuum-dominated and the matter-enhanced energy regions.


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