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Physics  2008 

Magnetized Bianchi Type $VI_{0}$ Barotropic Massive String Universe with Decaying Vacuum Energy Density $Λ$

DOI: 10.1007/s10773-008-9918-4

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Bianchi type $VI_{0}$ massive string cosmological models using the technique given by Letelier (1983) with magnetic field are investigated. To get the deterministic models, we assume that the expansion ($\theta$) in the model is proportional to the shear ($\sigma$) and also the fluid obeys the barotropic equation of state. It was found that vacuum energy density $\Lambda \propto \frac{1}{t^{2}}$ which matches with natural units. The behaviour of the models from physical and geometrical aspects in presence and absence of magnetic field is also discussed.


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