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Physics  2009 

Supermatrix models, loop equations, and duality

DOI: 10.1063/1.3430564

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We study integrals over Hermitian supermatrices of arbitrary size $p+q$, that are parametrized by an external field $X$ and a source $Y$, of respective size $m+n$ and $p+q$. We show that these integrals exhibit a simple topological expansion in powers of a formal parameter $\hbar$, which can be identified with $1/(p-q)$. The loop equation and the associated spectral curve are also obtained. The solutions to the loop equation are given in terms of the symplectic invariants introduced in arXiv:math-ph/0702045. The symmetry property of the latter objects allows us to prove a duality that relates supermatrix models in which the role of $X$ and $Y$ are interchanged.


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