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Numerical Simulation of Microstructural Evolution via Phase-Field Model Coupled to the Solutal Interaction Mechanism

DOI: 10.4236/msa.2015.610092, PP. 907-923

Keywords: Columnar-to-Equiaxed Transition, Directional Solidification, Al-Cu Alloy

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A phase-field model coupled to the multiphase/multiscale model is used to simulate the microstructural morphology and predict the CET during solidification. The considered mechanism for the CET is based on interactions of solute between the equiaxed grains and the advancing columnar front. The results for the solute concentration in liquid region, dendrite tip velocity, volume fraction of the liquid and solid are presented and discussed. The phase-field model is used to simulate the dendritic morphology of an alloy directionally solidified, by imposing a constant temperature gradient. The simulation of the equiaxed grains growth requires a further important element, the growth of grains with different crystallographic orientations. The grain orientations are generated randomly for each nucleus introduced in computational domain. Finally, the coupling results between the multiphase/multiscale model and phase-field are presented and discussed. For higher nuclei density present in the melt, a shorter distance between mold wall and the equiaxed zone in the solidification process can be observed. A solute concentration boundary layer exists in the liquid along the columnar grain contour. The concentrations in the solid indicate the presence of a microsegregation pattern. The simulated results show that the solidification features are consistent with those observed based on the metallographic examinations of cast microstructures reported in the literature.


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