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Distribution Model of High Density Agile Delivery System

DOI: 10.12677/IaE.2015.33011, PP. 77-83

Keywords: 高密度敏捷配送系统,货位分配,分配模型
High Density Agile Delivery System
, Storage Location Assignment, Distribution Model

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There are certain limitations on the frequency of warehouse and space utilization rate because of the structure characteristics of traditional warehouse. Researching and designing a storage and distribution system which has high storage density, can forward the goods automatically and can move goods from storage continuously and briskly will solve such problem. In order to further improve the outbound efficiency of the system and save the total time, an improved method for storage location assignment of high density agile delivery system has been proposed to set stocking cargo passage. Storage location assignment of high density agile delivery system was analyzed, the principle of storage location assignment was determined, and the mathematical model for the storage location assignment was established. The result shows that such model greatly reduces operation time of warehouse system, and eases the peak of assignments work, and consequently the waiting time of the customer is minimised.


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