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Influencing Factors on the Development of Extracurricular Sports Activities in Secondary School under the Background of “Sunshine Sport ”—Take the Main Giant Cities in Yangtze River Delta Region as An Example

DOI: 10.12677/APS.2015.32008, PP. 44-51

Keywords: “阳光体育运动”,中学,课外体育活动,影响因素
“Sunshine Sport”
, Secondary School, Extracurricular Sports Activities, Influence Factors

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Under the background of “sunshine sport”, this study is to analyze the influencing factors about the development of extracurricular sports activities in secondary schools located in the main giant cities in Yangtze River Delta. The result shows there are various influencing factors which prevent extracurricular sports activities developing in communities, schools, teachers, parents and students. They are examination-oriented education, incorrect educational values and the lack of modern sports concepts; the shortage of sports field and equipment and the inadequate investment on sports; the overload and low-treatment of PE teachers and lack of guidance for students, parents’ excessive fondness; and the disadvantages among students such as poor exercise capacity, less favorite sports, fear of pain and hurt, and lack of companion.


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