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Philology Analysis of Scientific Research Present Situation of Table Tennis—Based on the Inspection of Nearly 15 Years Sports Core Journals

DOI: 10.12677/APS.2015.32007, PP. 37-43

Keywords: 乒乓球运动,体育核心期刊,文献学分析
Table Tennis
, Sports Core Journals, Philology Analysis

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Abstracts: On basis of careful reading of every essay and by adopting the methods of literature- documentation, mathematical statistics and logical analysis, the authors have made an analytical and statistical study of 405 research papers on table tennis published in the 13 major sports pe-riodicals (indexed in Full-Text Database of Periodicals in Chinese) during the fifteen years between 2000-2014 when the International Table Tennis Association made three important reforms. Results show that school publications of sports universities and institutes are the main carriers of research papers. The whole number of papers published is increasing and most of the papers are co-authored by two or more people. The authors’ age range is mostly middle-aged above 36 and old-aged above 50. The research subjects range fairly wide mainly on intercross subjects as sports medicine, sports biomechanics, and sports physiology. But subjects on table tennis related issues are rarely, and researches are chiefly made on skills and tactics, table tennis education and training. Very few researches are made on the so-called “overseas corps” and the disabled table tennis players. It is proposed that along with the extensive research on competitive sports, emphasis shall be laid on the research of popularization of the table tennis. That is to promote the combination of table tennis with the good-health plan of the whole people, to enhance the sustainable development of table tennis in China and to explore an effective, scientific and rational approach for the realization of the goal of the “third start” of table tennis, then to accelerate the progress of table tennis globalization.


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