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Para-Social Interaction and Science Communication—Under the Analysis of Sina Microblog @Yutu

DOI: 10.12677/JC.2015.32006, PP. 30-38

Keywords: 科学传播,拟社会互动,新浪微博,月球车玉兔
Science Communication
, Parasocial Interaction, Sina Mircoblog, Yutu

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Science and technology are playing an important role in today’s society, which leads to a develop-ment of science communication. However, science communication is in an embarrassing dilemma. On the one hand, the obscure content of science communication is hard to be understood. On the other hand, there is a fierce competition on limited attentional resources of the public. Thus, this paper is trying to provide some practical references by analyzing how microblog Yutu got a hot response from the public.


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