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Sports—The Short Board and the Development Countermeasures in Farmers

DOI: 10.12677/APS.2015.32005, PP. 27-31

Keywords: 体育,农民群体,对策
, Farmers’ Groups, Countermeasures

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The research work of this paper is about to analyze and dissect the reasons that why sports is un-derdeveloped in groups of farmers under the background of the current situation of rural farmers’ life by the literature method, observation method and the interview investigation method. The results of the study are that the farmers are still short of sports and the understanding of sports is still weak, which is a lagging link in the development of the national fitness. There are some relative strategies that are changing farmers’ understanding of sports, publicising the function and the role of sports by television, driving farmers sports by doing school sports and making full use of school resources, organizing farmers to develop featured sports activities by the government, carrying out the fitness center to the countryside activities, vigorously promoting square dance coverage, etc. They are only for your reference.


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