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The Spectrograph of Solar Selection Coatings

DOI: 10.12677/IaE.2015.31003, PP. 12-19

Keywords: 太阳选择性涂层,光谱仪
Solar Selection Coatings
, Spectrograph

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本文介绍了太阳能选择性涂层光谱仪的设计原理、结构和光学测量系统,测量系统由试样加热系统、真空系统、光学系统、水冷系统、高精度积分球反射测量系统、温度检测与控制系统和计算机数据采集系统等组成。可用于室温至500℃和400~10,000 nm光谱范围内的光谱发射率特性精密测量,测量精度优于3%。为研究新型太阳能选择性涂层和制造高效率太阳能集热管,提供必要基础。
In this paper, the designing principal, the construction and the optical measurement system of the solar selective coatings spectrograph were introduced. The measurement system consists of sample heating system, vacuum system, optical system, water-cooling system, high-precision integrat- ing-sphere reflecting measurement system, temperature test and control system, computer data acquisition system and so on. The spectrograph can be used for critically measuring the spectral emissivity characteristics with wave of 300 nm - 10,000 nm from indoor temperature to 500?C and the measurement precision is better than 3%. It provides the necessary foundation for research of new solar selective coatings and manufacture of high-efficiency solar collector.


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