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Adam Exists in the Mind of Man: The Existential Phenomenological Ontology of Human Predicament

DOI: 10.4236/ojpp.2015.52015, PP. 131-136

Keywords: God, Adam, Mind, Phenomenology, Ontology, Existentialism, Religion, Science, Atheism and Insecurity

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The road map from Abrahamic order is phenomenologically a trajectory to a world of disorder. Order and disorder in the age of globalization is not hanging on a vacuum but is deeply embedded and historically structured in the creation story which Biblical and Quranic literatures are the main original sources, which the sciences complemented in a most profound theoretical and observational global context though philosophically and phenomenologically empty. The sin and disobedience of the ancient and early Christian and Islamic accounts explain the current human misery and insecurity as episodes or consequences of unnatural actions; a punishment from the unseen hand whose mercy is not reducible to any known planet-earth ruler, but to human nature, intuition and wisdom not found in science and technology.


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