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Ideas on an Alternative Cosmological World Model with Different Initial Conditions

DOI: 10.4236/jmp.2015.63037, PP. 346-361

Keywords: Transition States of Photons, Gravitation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Standard Model of Cosmology, Alternative Cosmological World Model

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The actual world model, the “Standard Model of Cosmology” (SMC), which dates back to the 1950s, no longer corresponds to the latest state of knowledge on the cosmos. By way of example, the assumption made in the SMC that the expansion of the cosmos is continually being reduced due to the effect of the gravitation exerted on all the matter in the universe is now contradicted by recent measurements. The reason for the expansion of cosmic space in accordance with Hubble’s Law is not physically explained by the SMC but merely stated as a fact. Another example is provided by the “dark phenomena”, which make up by far the greatest part of the energy of the cosmos, and exert a dominant influence on its behaviour. In spite of intensive research over the decades to provide answers to these as well as other open issues in cosmology, no satisfactory and plausible answers have hitherto been found. It is indeed time to propose an alternative cosmological world model to the SMC in the light of the latest insights on the universe.


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