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Effect of Pasteurization Temperature on the Quality of Goat Cheese

DOI: 10.3126/jfstn.v7i0.10616, PP. 93-97

Keywords: Goat milk,Goat cheese,Whey,Rennet,Pasteurisation

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The research was carried to study quality and yield of goat cheese by varying pasteurisation conditions; 63°C for 30min (Sample A), 80°C for 10min (Sample B) and 90°C for 60sec (Sample C). Titrable acidity, pH, moisture, fat, protein and ash, total plate count, Coliform count of goat milk, cheese samples A, B, and C were measured. There were fat recoveries of 67.23%, 67.72%, and 70.15% while protein recoveries of 71.15%, 66.88, and 69.32 respectively in the samples A, B, and C. The samples A, B, and C had moisture content of 59.72%, 63.15%, and 64.3%. The samples were subjected to sensory evaluation in term of color, flavor, texture, taste and overall acceptability on a 9-point hedonic rating scale. The data obtained were analysed statistically (p<0.05). Sample C was ranked the best. DOI: J. Food Sci. Technol. Nepal, Vol. 7 (93-97), 2012 ??


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