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Viruses  2015 

Bacteriophage-Derived Vectors for Targeted Cancer Gene Therapy

DOI: 10.3390/v7010268, PP. 268-284

Keywords: bacteriophage, CMV, Grp78, AAVP, HSVtk, RGD4C-AAVP/CMV-HSVtk, RGD4C-AAVP/Grp78-HSVtk, glioblastoma

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Cancer gene therapy expanded and reached its pinnacle in research in the last decade. Both viral and non-viral vectors have entered clinical trials, and significant successes have been achieved. However, a systemic administration of a vector, illustrating safe, efficient, and targeted gene delivery to solid tumors has proven to be a major challenge. In this review, we summarize the current progress and challenges in the targeted gene therapy of cancer. Moreover, we highlight the recent developments of bacteriophage-derived vectors and their contributions in targeting cancer with therapeutic genes following systemic administration.


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