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Effects of SnO2 Addition on the Properties of Alumina-Magnesia Refractory Castables

DOI: 10.4236/njgc.2015.51001, PP. 1-7

Keywords: Castables, SnO2, Spinel, Calcium Hexaaluminate

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Alumina-magnesia refractory castables have been widely used in the wall and bottom impact pad of steel ladles. The properties of alumina-magnesia refractory castables with SnO2 additive in 0 - 5 wt% range were investigated. The phase composition, microstructure, physical and mechanical properties of these refractories were studied. The results showed that the addition of SnO2 could have a great influence on the properties of alumina-magnesia refractory castables. The expansion, apparent porosity and strength of refractories with SnO2 were all more prominent than those of reference samples, which were attributed to the formation of CA6 and enhanced bonding. Meanwhile SnO2 could react with spinel and CA6 to form solid solution.


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