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Progress in Research on Susceptibility Genes Associated with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

DOI: 10.12677/ACRO.2014.22002, PP. 5-9

Keywords: 噪声性耳聋,氧化应激基因,钾离子循环途径基因,热休克蛋白70基因
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (Nihl)
, Oxidative Stress, Potassium Recycling Pathway Genes, HSP70

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噪声性耳聋(noise-induced hearing loss, NIHL)是世界上最流行的职业病之一,其发病机制十分复杂,至今仍不清楚。随着研究技术的快速发展,人们开始试图从分子角度来理解疾病,该文就近几年对于噪声性耳聋易感基因研究的进展作一综述。
Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is one of the most popular professional diseases across countries. The specific pathogenesis of NIHL is complicated and remains unclear. Now researchers try to understand NIHL with advanced molecular biological technology, which dives deep into gene level. This review will try to find out what researchers have found through years of re- searches. 


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