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Study on the Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Implementation of “The Teaching Guidance Outline of Physical Education Curriculum” in Jilin

DOI: 10.12677/APS.2013.12006, PP. 27-31

Keywords: 吉林省;高校;新《纲要》;对策
Jilin Province
, College, The New “Outline”, Countermeasures

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 A tentative study was made on the current situation of the implementation of the Teaching Guidance Outline of Physical Education Curriculum in Colleges in JilinProvince by means of such research methods as literature, expert interview, questionnaire and mathematical statistical methods. It is found that good results have been achieved in reforms after most colleges in Jilin have a correct understanding of the nature of PE programs. As far as course objective is concerned, the basis of objective has been prescribed and implemented ideally. Course construction has been reinforced in most colleges according to the guidelines in the new outline, but shortcomings are inevitable at the same time. Finally, this paper provides some useful and valuable views, comments and suggestions by analyzing the shortcomings.


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