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The Empirical Study on the Value of Operator’s Government and Enterprise Customer Based on Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

DOI: 10.12677/SSEM.2014.33005, PP. 36-45

Keywords: 模糊综合评判,政企客户价值,指标体系
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation
, Government and Enterprise Customers Value, Indexes System

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The value evaluation for government and enterprise customers is particularly important for tele-com operators and enterprises. On the basis of relative literature review, this paper has established the evaluation index system about the value of government and enterprise customers. The index system consists of two dimensions: current value and potential value. Besides, there are also seven secondary indexes and nineteen third indexes used in the index system. Then, this paper chose three government and enterprise customers of a certain telecom operator as the research subjects. In this paper, a comprehensive evaluation based on the fuzzy evaluation method was conducted and the appropriate conclusions were drawn. Finally, the validity of the evaluation index system was proved.


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