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Studies on the Extraction of ALDH from Instant Yeast by Ultrasonic Crushing Method and Purification

DOI: 10.12677/AAC.2013.34005, PP. 23-28

Keywords: 乙醛脱氢酶;超声破碎;纯化
Aldehyde Dehydrogenase
, Ultrasonic Broken, Purification

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 本文研究了超声波破碎法从干酵母中提取乙醛脱氢酶的实验,并通过单因素实验研究了料液比、样品处理量、提取液pH、超声功率、超声全程时间对低糖型酵母中ALDH提取工艺的影响,得到一组最优的提取工艺:料液比1:4、处理量20 ml、提取缓冲液的pH8.0、超声功率300 W、超声全程时间16 min,在此最佳工艺下获得的ALDH粗酶提取液的酶活力高达3.56U/mL。超声破碎法得到的ALDH粗酶液经过盐析、透析、Sephadex G-75柱层析后,其纯化倍数可达2.562,比活力达到1.24
 This paper studies the extraction of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase from instant yeast by ultrasonic fragmentation method. And studied the solid-liquid ratio, sample processing, pH, ultrasonic power, the time of ultrasonic influence on the extraction process of instant low sugar yeast through single factor experiment. That gets a set of optimal extraction process: the ratio of material liquid is 1:4, 20 mL capacity, extraction buffer pH 8.0, 300 w ultrasonic power, ultrasonic time of 16 min. Under the optimum process, the enzyme activity of ALDH crude enzyme is up to 3.56 U/mL. The crude enzyme of ALDH liquid used ultrasonic broken method through salting out, dialysis, Sephadex G-75 column chromatography, the ratio of the purified is 2.562, and the specific activity reached 1.24.


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