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Algorithm and Technology of Image Area Measurement Based on Binocular Stereo Vision

DOI: 10.12677/CSA.2013.37A001, PP. 1-5

Keywords: 双目立体视觉;摄像机标定;模板匹配;视差;几何关系
Binocular Stereo Vision
, Camera Calibration, Template Matching, Parallax, Geometrical Relationship

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>A binocular stereo vision system with a common USB camera is developed based on the distance measurement principle of binocular stereo vision, and the non-contact and on-line inspection method for the area of image is studied. First, we calibrate the camera and obtain the internal parameters of the camera. Second, horizontal parallax of the cor- responding points in two images is calculated by template matching based on OpenCV, and then the distance parameter is obtained. Finally, we find the spatial geometrical relationship between the image of the imaging plane and the actual image, and then the actual area of image is gotten. This method is easy to realize with low cost and real-time perform- ance. The experiment indicates that the algorithm meets the accuracy requirements within certain range of measurement.


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