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A Method of Smoke Detection Based on Various Features Combination

DOI: 10.12677/CSA.2013.35041, PP. 239-243

Keywords: 小波特征;纹理特征;BP神经网络分类器;烟雾检测
Wavelet Feature
, Texture Feature, BP Neural Network Classifier, Smoke Detection

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Smoke-like regions greatly increase smoke detection errors in the video. In order to improve the accuracy of smoke detection, a smoke detection method based on BP neural network is proposed, combining the wavelet feature, smoke texture feature and mean of Y component pixel value. Firstly, moving regions in the video sequences are ex- tracted; secondly, the wavelet feature and texture feature of suspected regions are extracted, then a new kind of multi-feature vector is formed. Finally, feature vector is input into the BP neural network classifier for smoke detection. The experiments show that smoke detection results are more effective by combing various features.


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