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Estimating firing rates from calcium signals in locust projection neurons in vivo

DOI: 10.3389/neuro.04.002.2007

Keywords: locust, olfaction, projection neuron, two-photon microscopy, calcium imaging, Oregon Green BAPTA-1, electrophysiology, spiking activity

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Combining intracellular electrophysiology and multi-photon calcium imaging in vivo, we studied the relationship between calcium signals (sampled at 500–750?Hz) and spike output in principal neurons in the locust antennal lobe. Our goal was to determine whether the firing rate of individual neurons can be estimated in vivo with calcium imaging and, if so, to measure directly the accuracy and resolution of our estimates. Using the calcium indicator Oregon Green BAPTA-1, we describe a simple method to reconstruct firing rates from dendritic calcium signals with 80–90% accuracy and 50?ms temporal resolution.


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