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Alternative System of Industrial Paint Applied to Spherical Mount for Liquefied Petroleum Gas

DOI: 10.4236/msce.2014.25002, PP. 7-14

Keywords: Paint, Corrosion, Zinc Ethyl Silicate, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Carbon Steel Spheres

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The present article reports the application of zinc ethyl silicate paint and the use of internal and external paint schemes on carbon steel spheres for the storage of liquefied petroleum gas. The new paint scheme eliminates the steps of blasting in the field and minimizes the collection of waste generated and the environmental impact, reducing the service time onsite and therefore providing a productivity gain and better health and cleanliness at work. The results were obtained through test runs and qualified in bodies-of-proof made with the same characteristics as the sphere, that is, using the same material (carbon steel), thickness, and mechanical formation and subject to the same conditions of design and implementation process. The paint scheme was approved, qualified, and committed to the supplier’s warranty with the paint manufacturer and assembler of the storage spheres for liquefied petroleum gas.


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