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The Use of Three-Dimensional Integrated Design System in Smart Substation Design

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2014.24085, PP. 632-638

Keywords: Database, Substation Design, Virtual Reality Technology, 3D Integration

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The traditional power design, construction, has been able to meet the requirements, but it has not been established engineering data database support and the correlation between the data is poor, due to inadequate coordination among design professionals, design easily lead to mistakes, field problems, and design results failed in all aspects of the project to be fully utilized. With the technology of three-dimensional integrated design system penetrates in all walks of life, the introduction of three-dimensional integrated design system substation design solutions and the application of common devices of State Grid Corporation in recent years, which provide technical conditions for the application of virtual reality technology in substation design. According to its own characteristics of substation project, we now propose prospect on virtual reality technology in substation design application.


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