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Assessment of Available Transfer Capability for Congestion Management in Restructured Electrical Power Network for Competent Operation

DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2014.24053, PP. 395-402

Keywords: ATC (Available Transfer Capability), Deregulated Market, OASIS, ISO, Open Access, Generating Companies (GENCOS), Transmission Companies (TRANSCOS), Distribution Companies (DISCOS), PTCDF (Real Transmission Congestion Distribution Factor), QTCDF (Reactive Transmission Congestion Distribution Factor)

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Congestion is the prime cause of problems, due to open access of power system. The AC Power Transmission Congestion Distribution factor (PTCDF) is suitable for computing change in any line quantity for a change in MW bilateral transaction. The proposed PTCDF method is more accurate as compared to the DC power distribution factor. With PTCDF ATC can be calculated. After calculating ATC it is possible to know the valid multiple transaction on power system. With the help of ATC calculations congestion problem can be solved in restructured electrical power network. The paper presents the method for calculating ATC using PTCDF.


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