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Modified Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Spatial Resolution for the Elliptical Gamma Camera SPECT Imaging Using Binary Inhomogeneous Markov Random Fields Models

DOI: 10.4236/act.2013.22013, PP. 68-75

Keywords: Markov Random Fields, Inhomogeneous Models, Image Reconstructions, Single Photon Emission

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In this work a complete approach for estimation of the spatial resolution for the gamma camera imaging based on the [1] is analyzed considering where the body distance is detected (close or far way). The organ of interest most of the times is not well defined, so in that case it is appropriate to use elliptical camera detection instead of circular. The image reconstruction is presented which allows spatially varying amounts of local smoothing. An inhomogeneous Markov random field (M.r.f.) model is described which allows spatially varying degrees of smoothing in the reconstructions and a re-parameterization is proposed which implicitly introduces a local correlation structure in the smoothing parameters using a modified maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) denoted as one step late (OSL) introduced by [2].


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