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Detection of Chemerin and It’s Clinical Significance in Peripheral Blood of Patients with Lung Cancer

Keywords: Chemerin , Lung neoplasms , Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay

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Background and objective Chemerin was recently found a chemoattractant just like a chemotatic factor. It can induce immune chemotaxis to dendritic cells and macrophages by binding to its receptor ChemR23. It has been known that the activation of Chemerin could enhance the phagocytosis and antigen presentation of APC. Along with this observation, the contribution of Chemerin in the genesis and development of a tumor attracts more attention. We explored the relation between Chemerin and lung cancer through detecting the expression of Chemerin in peripheral blood of patients. Methods The experiment selected samples of lung cancer patients and normal people. The concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood was detected by ELISA method. T test was used to compare the statistic difference. We compared the concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood with age, sex, pathological type, degree of differentiation, metastasis of lymphonode, UICC staging and other clinicopathological index, and analyzed by t test and one-way ANOVA. Results The concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood of 42 patients with lung cancer (1 965.81 pg/mL±374.03 pg/mL) were significantly higher than the concentration of 31 healthy examination (1 111.44 pg/mL±250.72 pg/mL)(P < 0.001). The concentration of Chemerin in peripheral blood of patients with lung cancer had no relationship with clinicopathological factors. Conclusion Chemerin has the potential to lung cancer diagnosis as a marker.


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