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Comment les petits-enfants de Juifs Polonais qui ont traversé l’Holocauste et l’immigration per oivent leur histoire familiale et leur identité How the grand-children of polish Jews who went through the Holocaust and immigration perceive their family story and their identity

Keywords: France , Israel , Holocaust , Polish Jews , trauma , grandchildren , third generation , Immigration , transmission in families , France , Isra l , Shoah , Juifs polonais , immigration , traumatisme , petits-enfants , troisième génération , transmission familiale

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The purpose of this paper is to better know how adult grand-children perceive their family history when their grand-parents have gone through major ordeals such as Holocaust and exile; what consequences these events and the way they have been transmitted have on their sense of identity and on their choices in their life. The grandchildren show a great diversity in the way they perceive their family history, their heritage, their identity, and they build their own life. Their grandparents who have gone through the Holocaust and immigration have transmitted trauma, sometimes a long lasting one, but also positive values and complex identity landmarks. Comparisons between these findings in France and Israel and those in other countries – such as Germany –, but also with those who have remained in Poland would be particularly interesting.


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