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Bucurella, a new genus of the Thyrsoporelleae (fossil Dasycladalean algae)

Keywords: Algae , Dasycladales , Thyrsoporelleae , systematics , new genus

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A new genus, Bucurella, is described and figured; it is based on Macroporella espichelensis Deloffre et Ramalho, 1971, a taxon known only from the Late Jurassic. It is characterized by the presence of distinctive whorls, each with three thick and broad (fertile) ramifications. The lateral division formula is 1 F: 3 F: (3x2) F: (3x2x2) F = (1: 3: 6: 12); that is the primary ramification divides into three secondaries which in turn branch dichotomously into tertiaries and again into quaternaries. It and its descendant, Zergabriella, are assigned to the Tribe Thyrsoporelleae.


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