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Environmental Management and Competitiveness: A Survey on Environmental Awareness in Shrimp Producers in the State of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil

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The objective of the work was to investigate the perception of marine shrimp producers on the impacts of environmental management as a driver for improving competitiveness. The proposed methodology was the application of a questionnaire, using 24 variables linked to environmental awareness compounded by questions grouped into four scales: environmental attitudes, environmental behaviors, environmental regulations and farming profi le. The questionnaire was applied for producers of three sites located in the northeast of Brazil. To analyze the results, it was used descriptive analysis and the analysis of association among variables, using Pearson chi-square statistic test. Results show that 41% of the shrimp producers believe to face aggressive competitiveness in the market, and that the activity generates few environmental impacts. It was verifi ed the existence of dependence among the perception of the producers on the impact of environmental procedures as a driver for implementing competitive advantage to their business and opinion on the competition in the shrimp market, importance of environmental actions of the company in the decision of consumer purchase, and use of some ecological procedure at the farming.


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