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Fractional illumination of convex bodies

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We introduce a fractional version of the illumination problem of Gohberg, Markus, Boltyanski and Hadwiger, according to which every convex body in ${mathbb R}^d$ is illuminated by at most $2^d$ directions. We say that a weighted set of points on ${mathbb S}^{d-1}$ illuminates a convex body $K$ if for each boundary point of $K$, the total weight of those directions that illuminate $K$ at that point is at least one. We prove that the fractional illumination number of any o-symmetric convex body is at most $2^d$, and of a general convex body $inom{2d}{d}$. As a corollary, we obtain that for any o-symmetric convex polytope with $k$ vertices, there is a direction that illuminates at least $leftlceilfrac{k}{2^d} ight ceil$ vertices.


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