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High speed twin roll casting of recycled Al-3Si-0.6Mg strip

Keywords: Casting , High speed twin roll casting , Sheet metal , Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg , Recyclee

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Purpose: Purpose of this paper is to clear the possibility of high speed roll casting of thin strip of recycled Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg alloy. Investigation of the mechanical properties of the roll cast recycled Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg strip was purpose, too.Design/methodology/approach: Method used in the present study was high speed twin roll caster and low temperature casting. These methods were used to realize rapid solidification, and increase of casting speed.Findings: Findings are that recycled Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg was could be cast at speed of 60 m/min. This strip was 3.1 mm-thick. As cast strip could be cold-rolled down to sheet of 1 mm-thick. 180 degrees bending test was operated on the sheet after T4 heat treatment and crack was not occurred at the outer surface. This result means the roll cast recycled Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg can be used as the body of the auto mobile.Research limitations/implications: Research limitation is that the width of the strip was 100 mm and investigation of the properties was not enough for practical use. Wider strip must be cast using the twin roll caster of the size for production.Practical implications: Practical implications are as below. The economy sheet for the auto mobile can be produced by the high speed twin roll caster. Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg can be used both the casting and plastic forming. Therefore, fractionation in the recycle of the aluminum alloy will becomes easy. The content of Fe in the recycled aluminum alloy increases. Fe becomes intermetallic of AlSiFe. Si for Mg2Si becomes deficient. 3%Si was enough for Mg2Si if AlSiFe was precipitated. Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg is suitable for recycle.Originality/value: The economy sheet of Al-3%Si-0.6%Mg can be made by the high productivity of the HSTRC. The result of this report contributes to make the economy aluminum alloy sheet for the automobile.


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