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Fractal coding based on image local fractal dimension

Keywords: image coding system , fractal compression , image compression , PIFS codes , fractal dimension

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Fractal codification of images is based on self-similar and self-affine sets. The codification process consists of construction of an operator which will represent the image to be encoded. If a complicated picture can be represented by an operator then it will be transmitted or stored very efficiently. Clearly, this has many applications on data compression. The great disadvantage of the automatic form of fractal compression is its encoding time. Most of the time spent in construction of such operator is due on finding the best match between parts of the image to be encoded. However, since the conception of automatic fractal image compression, researches on improvement of the compression time are widespread. This work aims to provide a new idea for decrease the encoding time: a classification of image parts based on their local fractal dimension. The idea is implemented on two steps. First, a preprocessing analysis of the image identify the complexity of each image block computing its dimension. Then, only parts within the same range of complexity are used for testing the better self-affine pairs, reducing the compression time. The performance of this proposition, is compared with others fractal image compression methods. The points considered are image fidelity, encoding time and amount of compression on the image file.


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