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Selection of High Yielding and Risk Efficient Durum Wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) Cultivars under Semi-arid Conditions

Keywords: Triticum durum , GxS interaction , safety-first index , yield stability , semi-arid

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An experiment was conducted, during the successive cropping seasons 1997/98 to 2002/03, to study grain yield performances and yield stability of 10 durum wheat ( Triticum durum Desf.) varieties in order to identify the productive, stable and risk efficient genotypes for a subsistence agriculture. Grain yield analysis showed high seasons and season x genotype interaction effects reducing the genotypic main effect. Regression coefficients, variance across seasons and safety-first indices based on these parameters classified differently the tested genotypes for stability and risks of giving a low yield under stress. FW index was correlated with grain yield, regression coefficient and the mean square of the contribution of the test cultivar to GxS interaction. The EV index did not show a significant correlation with the measured variables. It was possible within the set of genotypes tested to select high yielding and risk efficient cultivars compared to the check cultivar Mohammed Ben Bachir.


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