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Effect of Sowing Dates on the Yield and Yield Components of Different Wheat Varieties

Keywords: Wheat (Triticum aestivum) , sowing dates , yield components , yield , varieties

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To study the effect of sowing dates on the yield and yield components of different wheat varieties an experiment was conducted at Malakandhar Research Farm of NWFP Agriculture University Peshawar during 1999-2000. Statistical analysis of the data revealed that different dates sowing and varieties had a significant effect on emergences m-2, number of productive tillers m-2, number of unproductive tillers m-2, spike length, grain yield and biological yield. While number of unproductive tillers m-2, days to heading and biological yield were significantly affected by interaction between different sowing dates and varieties. Mean value of the data revealed that emergence m-2 (179). spike length (11.33 cm). grain yield (3611.11 kg ha-1) and biological yield (10370.00 kg ha-1) was maximum in those plots which were sown on November 1st when compared with other sowing dates. Similarly variety Tatara-96 recorded maximum emergence m-2, days to heading, number of productive tillers m-2, spike length and grain yield when compared with other varieties under study.


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