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Effect of Mixed Cropping Lentil with Wheat and Barley at Different Seeding Ratios

Keywords: Wheat , lentil , barley , cixed cropping , yield , ler

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This study was conducted in order to investigate yield, yield components and Land Equivalent Ratio (LER) in sole lentil and in wheat and barley mixtures (90% lentil + 10 barley or wheat, 80% lentil + 20% barley or wheat, 70% lentil + 30% barley or wheat) under dry conditions of Van and Ercis locations in 1998-1999. The highest grain yield was obtained from monoculture for lentil, barley and wheat in both locations. Pure stands of lentil, barley and wheat gave grain yields respectively of 380, 1850 and 1910 kg ha-1 in Ercis and 835, 2233 and 1087 kg ha-1 in Van. In both type of mixtures number of pods per plant, plan number per m2, Grain yield per plant, number of branches per plant and grain yield of per unit area significantly decreased whereas number of spikes and grain yield of barley and wheat increased depending on the increases in the percentage of cereals. In the mixture of 80% lentil + 20% wheat gave the highest LER value for straw and grain yield as 1.15 and 1.07 in Ercis, respectively. In Van conditions the highest LER value was obtained from 70% lentil + 30% wheat mixtures as 1.04 for straw yield and 1.03 for grain yield.


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